Semester: Fall 2018-2019

Instructor: Erkan Murat TÜRKAN

Office: R-216


Phone: +90 312 233 1423



Monday @09:20-11:10 in RB01

Thursday @11:20-13:10 in RB01

Office Hours: To be announced

Catalogue Description. Groups, Subgroups, Cyclic Groups, Generators of Groups, Groups of Permutations, Alternating Groups, Cosets, Theorem of Lagrange, Direct Products, Finitely Generated Abelian Groups, Homomorphisms, Isomorphisms, Factor Groups, Simple Groups, Group action on a set, Isomorphism Theorems, Sylow Theorems



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  2. Fundamentals of Abstract Algebra, D. S. Malik, John M. Mordeson, M. K. Sen, McGraw-Hill 1996, ISBN-13: 978-0070400351, ISBN-10: 0070400350

Reference Books.  

  1. Algebra, Michael Artin, Pearson 2010, ISBN-13: 978-0132413770, ISBN-10: 0132413779
  2. A First Course in Abstract Algebra with Applications, Joseph J. Rotman, Pearson 2005, ISBN-13: 978-0131862678, ISBN-10: 0131862677
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Evaluation Criteria:

2 Midterm Examinations (25% + 25%), 5 Homeworks (5x 2%) , Final Examination(40%).

 Exam Dates:

1st Midterm: 15.11.2018 Thursday at Class

2nd Midterm: 20.12.2018 Thursday at Class

Final: TBA